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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Driving Unification at FreeWheel

Priti Dalal
By Priti Dalal,
FreeWheel Alumna

The concept of unification and what it means for the premium video advertising industry is one of today’s hottest topics. From changes in publishers’ businesses to how viewers are consuming content, the industry is driving towards buying and selling inventory in a holistic, unified manner across all screens.

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High Definition: Clarifying the Muddled Video Viewability Picture

By Emmanuel Josserand,
Brand, Agency and Industry Relations

The advertising ecosystem was originally built to engage consumers, and it’s no surprise that viewability has become a vital metric. After all, advertising must be viewable to make an impact, particularly for formats such as video. Viewability is a measurement that has been forced into existence in response to the low quality of many advertising […]

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Couple on Couch

AdMonsters Montreal: The Rule of Three is Not Just for Comedy

By Geoff Wolinetz,
Vice President of Client Relationships

At FreeWheel, our partnership with AdMonsters is one that we truly enjoy being a part of. The community of operations professionals fostered in that environment allows us to really dig in with the people who use our technology and understand their businesses, their pain points, and how they go to market.

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