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Monthly Archives: December 2017

FreeWheel Council for Premium Video: A 2017 Retrospective

James Rothwell
By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) has had a pivotal and important year. If 2016 was about setting our foundation, 2017 was about raising the bar and delivering on the promise of continuing our narrative on the Ad Experience and Unification, as well as launching the FWC in Europe.

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Key Takeaways from the FreeWheel VMR: Q3 2017

By David Dworin,
VP, Advisory Services

When it comes to video, viewers have more choice than ever in terms of what, where, when, and how they consume content. At the same time, advertisers have a wider array of channels through which they communicate with their intended audience. Premium publishers have responded to the increasingly competitive landscape by improving the value they deliver to both consumers and advertisers. They have made content available on a menagerie of devices, both on-demand and live, and through both traditional and new-to-market distribution partners. For advertisers, they continue to offer a brand-safe environment alongside high-quality, engaging, professionally produced content.

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