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Monthly Archives: June 2018

First-Price Auctions Aren’t the Best Solution for Publishers or Brands

Brian Wallach
By Brian Wallach,
SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel Media

Second-price auctions have been the unquestioned auction model in online advertising since the rise of Google paid search. However, as recent reports have demonstrated, they have rapidly been giving way to first-price auctions in many programmatic ad exchanges.

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[New Research] Engaging The Viewer: Designing A Winning Ad Experience

By David Dworin,
VP, Advisory Services

Premium video consumers have more options than ever before. They decide what programming to watch – where, when, and how to watch it – and even how to pay for it. Increasingly, ad-supported video competes with ad-free subscription services like Netflix and Amazon in addition to ad-free networks like HBO and Showtime.

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