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Monthly Archives: December 2018

The TV ecosystem is entering a new paradigm: The shift to addressable

There are several strong themes around the new TV ecosystem, but the one that stands out is addressable TV.  While the power of TV to drive advertising impact is greater than ever, addressable brings the best of linear and digital television, such as audience targeting through the most impactful mass media, while offering a hybrid, […]

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Premium Video: A Bundle of Growth

This quarter the Video Monetization Report (VMR) is presented as a synopsis of the key trends that contributed to a strong third quarter for premium video as we moved from the summer into the fall viewing season. Accompanying this synopsis is a link to the full VMR quarterly data set, which has become the barometer for the industry. Moving forward we will bring you richer reports twice per year (in March and September), while continuing to provide data every quarter.

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TV: The Missing Piece of the Attribution Puzzle

By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

Once confined to brand and awareness metrics, the world of TV attribution has evolved to measure responses and effectiveness in the same way digital media has for years. Critically, the concept of quantifying offline media’s contribution to a business outcome, no matter where the consumer is in their purchase journey, has realigned the industry’s approach […]

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