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Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

Sarah Foss
By Sarah Foss,
SVP, Strategic Initiatives, FreeWheel Advertisers

Connected TV (CTV) is quickly becoming a favored way for people to watch television and video content. Or, just find any Gen Z’er and they’ll tell you about all of the apps that they consider “television.” After all, if it’s on the big screen it must be TV.

According to the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Q4 2018, CTV ad views for Q4 2018 grew by 45% year-over-year and accounted for 42% of total ad views—growing faster than any other device type. The lean-back viewing experience that CTV offers is valued by viewers and advertisers alike for its immersive environment.

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1,591,000 Reasons Why Greater Automation Is Good for TV Buyers

By Joy Baer,
FreeWheel Advertisers

According to a recent survey by Advertising Perceptions (Jan, 2019), TV buyers say they spend 8.5 hours each week on tasks that they wish were more automated. This means that TV buyers spend 26 thousand minutes each year, or 1,591,000 seconds, poring over Excel sheets, inputting data, scouring log sheets, and doing other general “busy work.” This time drain is especially onerous for agencies buying local broadcast, which is more complex and labor-intensive. In fact, in that same survey, over 70% of advertisers and agencies agreed that automation is important for Local TV planning and buying.

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