Automate the entire planning, buying and billing process

Our Strata platform is a cross-media, end-to-end planning and execution system that lets advertisers plan, activate, and optimize their campaigns, as well as manage billing, all in one system. While some advertisers use different systems and vendors for these tasks, Strata transforms how they operate by offering all these capabilities in one place with a single-hosted platform and open integration model.

This dynamic solution not only simplifies access to premium TV and video at scale, it manages all media channels, enabling efficient delivery, management and measurement of fully integrated campaigns.

Maximize your efficiency

  • Improve workflow from planning through reconciliation with agnostic integrations across supply partners and key execution platforms for direct and programmatic

Build your own buying ecosystem

  • Apply a broad set of existing API integrations with supply, data and technology providers, as well as your in-house solutions via our modular, open architecture and integration hub

Simplify operations with a single, unified platform

  • Manage budgets, track return on ad spend and reaggregate audiences
  • Find your brand’'s target audience across media types within a single, unified platform

Get on-demand inventory access

  • Integrate audience data and historical rates to optimize your media decisions across all inventory providers
  • Scale your analytics practice by accessing media placement and financial details through our data APIs

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