TV. Connected.

We binge. We stream. We demand. We lean back, and we dig in.  When it comes to TV viewing, control has shifted directly to the consumer.

TV is still the most powerful medium.  But reaching consumers has become the problem to solve, as marketers struggle to connect with their customers across a splattering of devices, platforms and content.  Advertisers can no longer rely on the reach of traditional TV alone to adequately feed the sales funnel.

FreeWheel is driving the industry forward with a new solution. 
One that allows marketers to plan, buy and measure across all the new forms of TV, with the scale, sophistication, and ease of use needed to drive superior results.


FREEWHEEL’s DRIVE is a suite of advanced advertising solutions designed to help marketers harness the power of data and measurement to reach consumers across all emerging forms of TV, including Over-the-Top (OTT), Set-top Box Video on Demand (STB VOD), and digital video.

FREEWHEEL’s DRIVE opens up new paths to engage with consumers by connecting audiences wherever they are watching premium video and TV content. DRIVE uses advanced targeting to ensure relevant messaging for the consumer, and to deliver better –measurable—results for the marketer.

FREEWHEEL’s DRIVE is a powerful media solution on its own—offering TV-sized audiences on premium content, including TV content, distributed via digital platforms.  It’s also a natural complement to linear TV advertising, reaching unexposed, or under-exposed TV viewers.

TV. Connected.

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