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[New Research] Engaging The Viewer: Designing A Winning Ad Experience

Premium video consumers have more options than ever before. They decide what programming to watch – where, when, and how to watch it – and even how to pay for it. Increasingly, ad-supported video competes with ad-free subscription services like Netflix and Amazon in addition to ad-free networks like HBO and Showtime.

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Three Key Trends Overheard at the 2018 Upfronts

Memorial Day Weekend signifies the start of summer, and in the TV buying community it also means the start of negotiations as the Upfront presentations come to a close.  While there’s a lot of work to do, we think this is an incredibly exciting time to be in the TV industry. Change is afoot, with more high-quality programming being rolled out to feed the desires of fragmented consumers. Marketers’ quest for engaged audiences is directly influenced by consumers’ demand that brands and content experiences meet their ever-higher expectations. Despite shrinking budgets and inventory scarcity, advertisers know there is no better platform to engage with consumers at scale than TV.

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New Research: The Six-Second Ad Experience

In a follow-up study on the advertising experience last year, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) recently conducted research in partnership with Realeyes, focused on better understanding the impact of ad length on the ad experience and business outcomes.

With the rise of the six-second ad format in TV and premium video, it’s important to understand the best application of this format in relation to other longer ad creatives and how marketers can use it as one of many creative options in their arsenal to engage consumers.

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TV as a Platform: Quality Scale [FWC Video Series]

We recently shared the first in a video series filmed at the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video’s Executive Board dinner last month. Decision-makers from ABC, Comcast, ESPN, NBC Universal and others discussed the key issues impacting the television industry as we head into the 2018 Upfronts season, and how TV is now acting like a unified platform to drive results. It shouldn’t be surprising that the conversation naturally turned to two of premium video’s most compelling attributes for advertisers: quality and scale.

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Insights Survey: How Programmatic is Shaping the Industry

Inspired by the 2018 IAB ALM, in which the key takeaway for publishers, brands and technology partners need to focus on trust and transparency for quality storytelling, we queried key decision-makers from our 1,200 agency client base to understand how they embrace programmatic in their efforts to connect marketers and their brands, to consumers.

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Evolving Standards to Improve Video Delivery

In November 2017, the IAB Tech Lab announced that the Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) standard will be retired, eight years after it was introduced, to make way for updated standards that address new challenges in the video ecosystem impacting publishers, advertisers, and technology vendors. VPAID revolutionized the evolution of the video market and solved for many of the industry’s problems—though also creating an environment where new problems have become a reality.

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Linear TV: The Next Frontier

There’s a scene in the Seinfeld episode, “The Pitch,” where Jerry and George are pitching their concept for a sitcom about nothing. NBC executives, Jerry and George spend a little time hashing out the sitcom idea in real time. While pressing them on the concept, the president of NBC, Russell Dalrymple (played by Bob Balaban), asks George why, if nothing happens, is he watching it? 

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AdMonsters Montreal: The Rule of Three is Not Just for Comedy

Couple on Couch

At FreeWheel, our partnership with AdMonsters is one that we truly enjoy being a part of. The community of operations professionals fostered in that environment allows us to really dig in with the people who use our technology and understand their businesses, their pain points, and how they go to market.

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Advanced TV and the Opportunity Ahead

The phrase “Advanced TV” is everywhere these days – in the trades, on social media, and in industry-related conversations – and it’s commonplace to encounter a different definition of Advanced TV in each setting. Some think it’s as simple as an internet connected television. Others believe it’s a far off, future concept. And still more equate Advanced TV with “programmatic,” a term in itself so confusing that the IAB recently called to abolish the term. One thing we can all agree on is that the current definition of Advanced TV is vague at best. It’s time to set the record straight.

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Three Strategies Every Publisher Should Deploy to Improve Ad Experience

At Variety’s recent Entertainment & Technology conference in NYC, ad experience resurfaced as a hot topic. During a panel on, “The Future of TV Advertising,” it was clear that leaders from both publishers and agencies agreed that consumers should be at the center of the ad experience. There was a consensus that more experimentation was necessary and that the dialogue around ads needs to evolve from “commercial interruption” to “commercial enhancement.”

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