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FWCE – Demystifying Premium: The Key Attributes of Premium Video

Over the past few years the rise of digital advertising has encouraged a short-termist approach to marketing, where the focus is delivering information to audiences at the lowest possible cost, without sufficiently considering whether it will effectively drive the required brand outcomes. Digital has accelerated the direct response market where instant performance metrics are more […]

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National Engineers Week: FreeWheel Hacks the Future

There is perhaps no more important day in FreeWheel’s event calendar than our annual Hackathon. Every year, FreeWheelers unite from around the globe, transcending geographic and departmental barriers, to collaborate, ideate and innovate new solutions that will propel The New TV Ecosystem forward.

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Celebrating FreeWheel Tech Talent During National Engineers Week [Infographic]

FreeWheel is once again honoring the incredible talent in our global Engineering Teams during National Engineers Week. This week is the perfect opportunity to highlight the dedication, accomplishments, and innovations of our best-in-market engineering team, while also encouraging STEM learning for all students.

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FreeWheel Hackathon 2016: Unleashing the Beasts of Innovation

We recently completed FreeWheel’s Second Annual Global Hackathon: a 24-hour marathon during which our people transcend geo and departmental borders to collaborate, incubate and innovate. This year’s hackathon was a record-breaking event for our company. More than 250 hackers in the US, China, France and the UK consumed record amounts of coffee and Red Bull while building 49 impressive projects that promote both innovation and efficiency in our operations. The demo phase of the hackathon was streamed globally to foster connection across the entire organization.

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Celebrating FreeWheel Engineers during National Engineers Week

Last week, FreeWheel was delighted to celebrate and honor our best-in-market Engineering Team during National Engineers Week (Feb. 21 – 27).

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FreeWheel Goes Back to School: Spring Campus Recruiting

Representatives from FreeWheel will be traveling to several schools across the area searching for rock star software engineers to join our growing team. We are on the hunt for great talent!

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Hacking Together For a Better Future

FreeWheel recently invited all of our employees to participate in the first annual FreeWheel Global Hackathon. From China to the UK to the US, employees around the world came together to rethink processes, examine procedures and get creative about solutions, not just as they relate to our products, but for the entire FreeWheel experience.

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