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Three Key Trends Overheard at the 2018 Upfronts

Memorial Day Weekend signifies the start of summer, and in the TV buying community it also means the start of negotiations as the Upfront presentations come to a close.  While there’s a lot of work to do, we think this is an incredibly exciting time to be in the TV industry. Change is afoot, with more high-quality programming being rolled out to feed the desires of fragmented consumers. Marketers’ quest for engaged audiences is directly influenced by consumers’ demand that brands and content experiences meet their ever-higher expectations. Despite shrinking budgets and inventory scarcity, advertisers know there is no better platform to engage with consumers at scale than TV.

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TV as a Platform: Automation & Efficiency [FWC Video Series]

TV’s scale and quality are undeniable, and with addressability and smarter application of data, it has evolved as a platform to meet the full set of marketer’s needs, no matter what the campaign goals are. In our final installment of the this Upfronts series featuring roundtable discussion taped during the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video’s (FWC) Executive Board dinner in March, decision-makers at major TV companies talked about the way in which TV’s evolution as a platform has enabled more simplified buying at scale, leveraging the best of digital to create efficiencies.

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TV as a Platform: Data & Intelligence [FWC Video Series]

In a continuation of the FreeWheel Council’s (FWC) Upfronts series, we are featuring more of the roundtable discussion taped during the FWC’s Executive Board dinner in March, where a number of decision-makers from major TV companies talked about the way in which TV’s evolution as a platform combines the best of linear and digital to create unrivaled opportunities for advertisers to drive results at scale.

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TV as a Platform: Quality Scale [FWC Video Series]

We recently shared the first in a video series filmed at the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video’s Executive Board dinner last month. Decision-makers from ABC, Comcast, ESPN, NBC Universal and others discussed the key issues impacting the television industry as we head into the 2018 Upfronts season, and how TV is now acting like a unified platform to drive results. It shouldn’t be surprising that the conversation naturally turned to two of premium video’s most compelling attributes for advertisers: quality and scale.

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FWC Upfronts 2018 Video Series: The Most Powerful Platform is…TV

With the Upfront season fast approaching, it’s important to take a step back and view the state of the TV industry through the lens of its digital evolution.

This is not a revolution, as linear TV remains the dominant share of viewing figures, but TV companies are evolving, embracing and adapting to the opportunities that digital consumption brings with it.

The core value proposition of TV and premium video remains: brand-safe, quality reach in engaged environments. That value is being augmented by data and “targetability” as well as simplified ways of accessing those key audiences.

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