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FWC Upfronts 2018 Video Series: The Most Powerful Platform is…TV

With the Upfront season fast approaching, it’s important to take a step back and view the state of the TV industry through the lens of its digital evolution.

This is not a revolution, as linear TV remains the dominant share of viewing figures, but TV companies are evolving, embracing and adapting to the opportunities that digital consumption brings with it.

The core value proposition of TV and premium video remains: brand-safe, quality reach in engaged environments. That value is being augmented by data and “targetability” as well as simplified ways of accessing those key audiences.

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National Engineers Week: FreeWheel Hacks the Future

There is perhaps no more important day in FreeWheel’s event calendar than our annual Hackathon. Every year, FreeWheelers unite from around the globe, transcending geographic and departmental barriers, to collaborate, ideate and innovate new solutions that will propel The New TV Ecosystem forward.

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