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What 2019 has in store for the premium video industry?

  • Video Content Monetisation: Entering a new era of business model
    “The premium video industry is constantly reinventing itself in order to remain competitive – offering the best user experience and the best environment for advertisers. As a result, media companies and rights owners have focused over the past two years on the buying of exclusive content and programmes, and the creation of new customer touch points – to accommodate the way viewers now access their content across various devices.”
  • L’ecosistema televisivo sta per entrare in una nuova era: si passa all’Addressable TV
    Programmatic Italia, by Massimo de Magistris
    “L’addressable TV cambierà il modo di vendere i media- sarà il cambiamento più significativo dopo l’arrivo del programmatic. Nel 2019, questa teologia aprirà una porta nell’ecosistema televisivo a un nuovo segmento di inserzionisti, che saranno in grado così di raggiungere un pubblico di nicchia in qualsiasi momento…”
    • Que réserve l’écosystème publicitaire vidéo aux acteurs du marketing pour 2019? 
      CB News
      “L’année prochaine, la bataille pour le contenu s’intensifiera davantage, que ce soit pour la production ou l’achat de droits, de contenus ou de programmes exclusifs. C’est le contenu premium qui devrait tirer son épingle du jeu, non seulement car il est gage de qualité, mais aussi parce qu’il apporte aux annonceurs des garanties de performance et de fiabilité…”
  • Broadcasters will move out of silos
    Exchange Wire
    “The proliferation of TV and video experiences across different platforms and devices will lead to broadcasters reviewing their business models and embracing a holistic method of monetising their inventory in the year ahead. Until now, the mindset has been to deal with methods of content monetisation (ad-funded, subscription, or transaction) separately.