The FWC Advocates for a Programmatic Approach that Aligns with Unique Characteristics of Premium Video
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FreeWheel Council For Premium Video Advocates for a Programmatic Approach that Aligns with Unique Characteristics of Premium Video

New York, June 20, 2016—Following the recent release of The Unrivaled Value of Premium Video white paper, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video has published its latest work, a position paper entitled Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Video, which details how present day programmatic models need to be reconstructed for better alignment with the desirable and unique characteristics exclusive to premium video.

“Programmatic models built primarily for display and retro-fitted for the premium video space are not fit for purpose” said James Rooke, CRO, FreeWheel and FWC Executive Board Member. “This has often led to confusion and misaligned objectives between media buyers and sellers. Instead of continuing down this path we should move forward under programmatic models architected for premium video which promote collaboration and control between both ends of the negotiation table.”

The word ‘programmatic’ is an umbrella term which represents a diverse array of trading practices surrounding data, automation and transactional concepts. However, misinterpretation of the phrase has created unnecessary challenges for the premium video ecosystem. As a result, premium publishers have taken a much more conservative approach to embracing programmatic models for their high-quality and scarce video, which requires a level of care and control beyond what many programmatic executions provide today. As a result of these challenges progress has been slower than expected; impacting both publishers and brands alike.

“Concerns about fraud, viewability and transparency have historically limited our commitments to programmatic, similar to many large brands” said Brian Pokorny, Senior Manager, Digital Media, MillerCoors. “Certainly the idea of a more frictionless environment is important to us at this time.”

An opportunity exists to improve performance for both buyers and sellers when models designed for premium video are leveraged. Premium video draws high-quality audiences and consistently generates positive business outcomes for brands. As a results of this, when embracing programmatic models, seeking safe, transparent and compliant ways to do business should be of utmost concern for all parties. Otherwise the opportunity created by data and automation can quickly devolve into risk.

“Programmatic executed correctly on premium video enables advertisers to identify and select an audience within a safe, well-lit environment that offers high viewability, and very low fraud,” said Peter Duborg, Vice President, Turner Ad Sales.


In this paper, The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video proposes a collaborative path forward which enables both buyers and sellers to utilize data and automation while maintaining the value brought by premium video. This new approach creates opportunity for all by allowing uncompromised utilization of premium video within programmatic transaction models, which in turn maintains the value and integrity of our industry’s top-tier inventory.

To review the FWC framework on how programmatic executions can and should fit into overall premium video strategy and bring greater clarity for all stakeholders within our industry, please download the position at: /fwcouncil/#freewheel-council-positions.



About the Council for Premium Video

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) serves the interest of those in the premium video industry through leadership positions, research and advocacy to promote the premium video economy. The FWC operates as an educational and organizing resource to assist marketers to reach desired audiences in premium video environments, conduct research documenting the benefits of premium video, and represent the interests of member publishers and the market. The FWC is comprised of today’s leading premium video publishers including ABC, A+E Networks, Comcast, Discovery Communications, ESPN, Fox, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System and Univision Communications. For more information on the Council for Premium Video please visit and follow us on Twitter @FWCouncil.