FreeWheel Extends FourFronts with Programmatic Capability for Premium Digital TV
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FreeWheel Extends FourFronts With Programmatic Capability for Premium Digital TV

Enables Media Buyers and Sellers to Transact Using Their Own Platforms and Data on Reserved, TV Compliant Inventory —Without Waste

NEW YORK NY, May 13, 2014 – In response to the industry’s need to provide greater efficiency and targeting capabilities to brand marketers, FreeWheel has extended its FourFronts offering to now include programmatic transactions, enabling advertisers to purchase premium digital television inventory through select Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) using proprietary data while enhancing the value of premium inventory and maintaining the integrity of TV ad compliance.

Launched last year at the AOL Digital Content Newfront, FreeWheel’s FourFronts  is a private marketplace for premium digital television inventory that provides access to National, Local, and now DSP demand, enabling publishers to optimally fill advertising demand and efficiently monetize incremental supply.  This summer will commence a pilot of FourFronts Programmatic, trialing transactions on reserved inventory from TV publishers against proprietary data.

The pilot is the first step in ensuring scalable value for both buyers and sellers in today’s evolving, unified television advertising marketplace. Agencies and publishers can now buy and sell inventory in “Upfront-like” aggregate deals or order by order in a manner that ensures reliable, waste-less, delivery against reserved orders. This can all be automated using select buyer platforms and proprietary data. With FreeWheel’s FourFronts acting as a trusted third party, publishers can transact against advertiser data without directly sharing it, and advertisers can be assured that their data will remain proprietary, yet they can deploy it at scale against premium digital TV inventory.

The integration with select DSPs will allow publishers to automatically transact orders and deliver ads that already match against advertiser data, without actually needing the advertiser data itself, but in a way that  enables accurate forecasts against such data and reliable orders that deliver against what was guaranteed and booked.  This results in no waste of ad inventory, unlike traditional redirects.

Direct integrations with select DSPs also ensures compliance with seller regulatory and competitive separation restrictions, making it possible for buy side automation to work in tandem with seller ad technology, even within the same view of the same show.

“The use of automation and data can be a welcome innovation to the industry but it’s crucial for both buyers and sellers that they can transact at TV scale in a manner that ensures reliable delivery for both and maintains the value of premium inventory for both,” said Jon Heller, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, FreeWheel.  “Increasing efficiency of transaction through automation is clearly useful.  Doing so in a way that also ensures buyers media plans succeed and sellers get value for every impression means it can grow from a trial to a material segment of the TV business.”


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