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  • Welcome to the FreeWheel Blog. Our presence at the center of the New TV Ecosystem provides us with a unique point of view on the many issues facing the industry. The purpose of the FreeWheel blog is to share our perspective on industry opportunities, news and stories, including a look behind the scenes at how we power the advertising businesses of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world, while enabling them to scale their business and maximize value from their content.

  • Simple is the New Black: How Programmatic Is Poised To Begin Doing More With Less

    Justin Beere
    By Justin Beere,
    Executive Director, Global DSP Partnerships,

    Supply path optimization (aka “SPO”) is a three-letter acronym (aka “TLA”) that’s been with us for a couple of years now, and like many TLAs in the programmatic space, it was born in the display world. As buyers continue to work toward an answer to the display riddle that resulted from the introduction of header […]

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    Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry

    By Jason Manningham,
    GM, Blockgraph

    We all know the demand for high quality, safe data in today’s advertising environment is escalating. Advertisers looking to build their brands and sell more products have turned to data to help them pinpoint and reach valuable prospects and customers, measure business outcomes and analyze marketing effectiveness. In short, data is the key to addressability and attribution – two capabilities now core to our clients’ media strategies.

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    Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

    By Sarah Foss,
    SVP, Strategic Initiatives, FreeWheel Advertisers

    Connected TV (CTV) is quickly becoming a favored way for people to watch television and video content. Or, just find any Gen Z’er and they’ll tell you about all of the apps that they consider “television.” After all, if it’s on the big screen it must be TV.

    According to the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report: Q4 2018, CTV ad views for Q4 2018 grew by 45% year-over-year and accounted for 42% of total ad views—growing faster than any other device type. The lean-back viewing experience that CTV offers is valued by viewers and advertisers alike for its immersive environment.

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    1,591,000 Reasons Why Greater Automation Is Good for TV Buyers

    By Joy Baer,
    FreeWheel Advertisers

    According to a recent survey by Advertising Perceptions (Jan, 2019), TV buyers say they spend 8.5 hours each week on tasks that they wish were more automated. This means that TV buyers spend 26 thousand minutes each year, or 1,591,000 seconds, poring over Excel sheets, inputting data, scouring log sheets, and doing other general “busy work.” This time drain is especially onerous for agencies buying local broadcast, which is more complex and labor-intensive. In fact, in that same survey, over 70% of advertisers and agencies agreed that automation is important for Local TV planning and buying.

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    Bending the Curve: TV + Digital Video

    By James Rothwell,
    VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

    Modern TV audiences watch where and when they want to—as a result, advertisers have to work harder and be more strategic in order to find the optimal audience across all screens. TV programmers and operators have been converging their sales and operations to increasingly deliver advertising across both linear and digital channels. The advertising “Holy Grail” is finding the right combination of TV and digital video to reach those valuable audiences in the most efficient way possible.

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    Dispatch from the NAB: 2019 is a Very Good Year for Advertisers

    By Mike McHugh,
    SVP, Media eBusiness, FreeWheel Advertisers

    What a week at the NAB convention in Las Vegas! The annual showcase for the broadcast industry never disappoints. Yes, there’s the gee-whiz equipment that brings graphic arts and crystal clear pictures to your living room, but there’s so much more for the 90-thousand attendees, many of whom don’t even make to the convention floor because of the valuable conversations that happen around the event space.

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    The Lines Between Linear and Digital TV Disappear: Takeaways from the FreeWheel Video Marketplace Report

    By David Dworin,
    VP, Advisory Services

    Moving into 2019, the VMR has evolved from the Video Monetization Report to the Video Marketplace Report and now looks at trends across both linear TV and premium digital video, incorporating insights from both the buy-side and the sell-side. In this issue, we look back at 2018, which marked a big year in the convergence of the two.

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    FreeWheel launches DRIVE in the UK to provide cohesive advertising solution for the new TV ecosystem

    By Massimo de Magistris,
    VP, Head of Freewheel Markets International.

    In 2019, FreeWheel is expanding its DRIVE offering internationally. This media solution aims to bring innovative solutions to marketers to plan and transact across all the new forms of TV. At scale. Europe is ready for the OTT revolution Our industry is undergoing massive transformations: from the proliferation of content and viewer fragmentation across multiple devices, to the entry […]

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    Announcing FreeWheel Media: The Largest Audience Network You’ve Never Heard Of

    By Brian Wallach,
    SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel Media

    On March 13, FreeWheel hosted our first upfront event. During this year’s upfront season, we expect many industry players to talk about products and solutions that are “coming soon.” In contrast, we wanted to talk about advanced advertising solutions that FreeWheel has available now—hence the name: the FreeWheel NOWFRONT—and also highlight our vision for the […]

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    TV Attribution

    Helping the TV Industry Fight Back: An Interview with Data Plus Math CEO John Hoctor

    By Doni Schwartz,
    Senior Director of Data Partnerships

    FreeWheel and Data Plus Math recently announced a strategic partnership to offer the first cross-screen solution for TV attribution measurement. I sat down with the CEO of Data Plus Math, John Hoctor, to talk about the attribution measurement landscape, where he thinks the industry is headed, and why TV (still) isn’t dead. Doni Schwartz (DS): […]

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