Advancing the Ad Experience: 250 Brand & Agency Leaders Share Their Views
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James Rothwell
By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

With audience buying and cross-screen TV executions ready to play a much larger role in this year’s TV Upfront market narrative, advancing the advertising experience is a crucial topic for both buyers and sellers of premium video.

Today the ad experience in digital video is far from perfect. Whether it is too many or poor quality ads, viewers of video content are often left with frustration, rather than forming the positive associations that marketers and publishers set out to achieve.

A broad spectrum of reasons is behind this challenge, and the variables to manage are numerous. Each stakeholder in the advertising value chain needs to do their part in delivering a better experience for the consumer– and it’s to everyone’s benefit, from the advertiser down to their intended audience.

Through a custom study with the ad research company, Advertiser Perceptions, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) surveyed and interviewed 250 brand and agency executives on what makes or breaks the video ad experience. A new FWC paper documenting this research and the need for industry-wide collaboration, Advancing the Ad Experience, is now available for download.

A sample of the compelling data and insights you will find in this paper:

52% of respondents identified improving the ad experience as the biggest challenge that the video industry faces today (even greater than the well-documented measurement challenge).

46% said a lack of creative diversity was cited as the most influential reason for a poor advertising experience, highlighting the challenge of exposure frequency.

– One in three believes that a good user experience will greatly impact improved ROI.

Managing the exposure to a brand’s messaging across various sources of video supply is not easy, whether managing frequency across media channels or accounting for the different environments available. Quality, transparency, and fit of that environment, therefore, are key.

Download the paper to learn:

– The underlying reasons for poor ad experiences

– How brands, agencies, and publishers can improve the ad experience

– The impact of improved ad experiences on campaigns

… and much more

Delivering an optimal ad experience is a complicated equation but an increasingly important one to solve for as audiences fragment across different screens. Expectations of the value exchange between content provider and viewer are shifting, and as an industry, we need to adapt. If we do solve it together, all stakeholders will benefit from the advertiser’s return on investment from the consumer’s increased engagement.

Download the full report for access to the all the insights as well as the five clear takeaways outlined in this robust study. For further conversation, connect with us @FWCouncil #AdExperience.


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