FreeWheel Council Affirms the Unrivaled Value of Premium Video
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We are pleased to announce that The FreeWheel Council (FWC) has released its first thought leadership piece, a defining position and white paper titled The Unrivaled Value of Premium Video. Researched and written in partnership with its membership and brand leaders, the white paper highlights that premium video delivers valuable audiences at scale, in a high-quality, safe, and transparent context.

James Rooke on the Value of Premium Video

The white paper features data from a new FWC study conducted in partnership with independent marketing analytics and intelligence firm, Moat, which reveals a near 38 percentage-point improvement for premium video in a key engagement metric that measures if an ad was audible and visible upon completion, not just whether it was viewable for a couple of seconds. Premium video is also experiencing the fastest growth across inherently viewable, fraud-free, advertiser-friendly environments such as Over-The-Top (OTT) and Set-Top Box Video-On-Demand (STB VOD). By providing targetable and quantifiably real viewers across multiple screens, premium video protects advertisers against the risks inherent in lower-tier audience-only/audience anywhere models.

Paskalis on the value of premium video

However, despite its clear and differentiated value, the full potential of premium video is not being realized. This is due to a number of tactical reasons, in some cases related to measurement and technology: demographics cannot always be verified, viewability and fraud cannot yet be fully measured across all screens and third- party ad serving is not always available.

Yet we know intrinsically that this is some of the most premium inventory available—people are watching an increasing amount of this content in their living room on a TV, which is, by definition, highly viewable, and through closed environment devices, mitigating against the issue of fraud.

The application of the full set of controls designed to protect against the risks that exist within some long-tail and exchange-based transactional models is also part of the challenge. The extension of these protocols to premium video causes the entire ecosystem of brands, programmers and viewers alike, to be held back.

Midha on the value of premium video


The FWC makes the case that the industry dialogue must be elevated to focus on engagement and the optimization of business outcomes rather than transactional proof of delivery against foundational metrics.

The current transaction model can open the door to missed opportunities for marketers to use innately viewable, maximally engaging and transparent environments such as OTT and STB VOD.  By setting the precedent that not all video is created equal, marketers will be able to fully capture the true value of delivering advertising messages to scaled, engaged audiences on a variety of screens that mirror the linear TV experience.


Download the complete white paper to get full access into understanding the unrivaled value of premium video.


About the Council for Premium Video

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) serves the interest of those in the premium video industry through leadership positions, research and advocacy to promote the premium video economy. The FWC operates as an educational and organizing resource to assist marketers to reach desired audiences in premium video environments, conduct research documenting the benefits of premium video, and represent the interests of member publishers and the market. The FWC is comprised of today’s leading premium video publishers including ABC, A+E Networks, Comcast, Discovery Communications, ESPN, Fox, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System and Univision Communications. For more information on the Council for Premium Video please visit and follow us on Twitter @FWCouncil.



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