FreeWheel Council for Premium Video: A 2017 Retrospective
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James Rothwell
By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) has had a pivotal and important year. If 2016 was about setting our foundation, 2017 was about raising the bar and delivering on the promise of continuing our narrative on the Ad Experience and Unification, as well as launching the FWC in Europe.

On the left, James Rothwell speaks with Beet.TV about the FWC’s expansion. On the right, the FreeWheel Council Europe’s first meeting in Cannes

We also raised our profile in market, attending and sponsoring 18 industry events. We succeeded in increasing our social and paid media activity and distributed over 6,000 copies of our positions on key industry challenges.

Matt Spiegel, Pooja Midha and Adam Gerber participate in a FWC sponsored panel at Advertising Week 2017.

Here is a brief summary of our activity and outputs, all of which can be downloaded on the FWC’s positions page



Continuing Our Research on Ad Experience

Through two custom studies with the ad research companies, Advertiser Perceptions, and RealEyes, we explored the different facets of the advertising experience and levels of engagement within short-form content. We believe it will take each stakeholder in the advertising value chain to do their part in delivering a better experience for the consumer.

The Unified Sales Process & State of Unification

We published two outputs to reflect the fact that more premium video is being transacted in a unified way (i.e. linear plus digital in all its flavors): first, a guide illustrating the nuances of linear and digital processes and second, the latest perspectives from industry leaders on the state of unification today and tomorrow, and how measurement is evolving across screens.


Why Premium Video Matters & Defining a View

The first thought leadership pieces from the FreeWheel Council Europe (FWCE) focused on the virtues of premium video citing cross-regional market research and the video viewability landscape, essentially looking at the definition of a view and the need to move forward beyond existing baseline standards.


2018 is going to be a crucial year for a number of reasons, and the FWC stands ready to drive and support these industry trends:

  • The current atmosphere of collaboration is palpable as television and premium video providers address some of the issues holding the industry back such as audience targeting standards and measurement.
  • The advertising experience continues to be sub-optimal and there is plenty of experimentation already occurring (e.g. the use of 6-second ads as part of the ad format mix); this coming year, we will see further refinements as the market continues to learn from these tests and other innovations.
  • Attribution will be one of the watch-words in 2018 as more sophisticated and standardized models are developed and TV players start to level the playing field in terms of more accurately attributing media investment to results.
  • The living room will continue to evolve, and newer, more flexible viewing habits that are already established will gain more scale and maturity for consumers and advertisers alike, but there remains room for improvement and collaboration to truly take advantage of the opportunity for brands.

The FWC will be producing more thought leadership in 2018 and creating collaborative opportunities for key players on both sides of the aisle to drive the industry forward. If you have ideas for the FWC to address to help your business or the industry in general, please get in touch at


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