FreeWheel Council for Premium Video: A Foundational Year Of Advocacy
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As the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) celebrates its first year of serving the interests of today’s premium video publishers through industry leadership, a glance into the rearview mirror is a reflection of our significant undertakings. We’ve accomplished a great deal.


The convergence of television and digital video has created incredible transformation for the premium video industry, as well as presented significant opportunities. The FWC is not only serving as a powerful voice advocating on behalf of premium video publishers,  we are also providing marketers with insights on the value of premium video, which will enable them to unlock the true power of premium content across  linear and digital.

In just twelve months the FWC has defined premium video, addressed how programmatic models should be applied to premium video, and stood up committees that are working to refine ad experiences for users and unify screens and measurement in a fragmented world.


The FWC Board is comprised of some of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world that carry considerable weight and credibility within the industry.  The strength behind these numbers has helped to position the FWC as the voice for the premium video economy as we seek to evangelize the undeniable and growing importance of premium video in driving business outcomes.


The FreeWheel Council has published two defining white papers and positions:


Featuring data from a FWC study we conducted in partnership with Moat, the FWC’s premiere position, “The Unrivaled Value of Premium Video,” demands that premium video be considered as a distinct and unique media channel, with appropriate measurement models.

Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Video

The FWC’s second output, “Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Video,” proposed a path forward for programmatic that focus on models architected for premium video which promote collaboration and control between both sides of the negotiation table.


Two FWC Committees were launched in January, with a significant number of member companies represented.


The Ad Experience Committee is working to evaluate the premium video ad experience and establish best practices around the facets that impact overall user experience and advertiser value.


The Unification Committee is defining what unification means for the industry and how cross-screen measurement should evolve, aligning on best practices for supporting people, processes, and systems across all screens.


FreeWheel’s Council Argues For Four Industry Needs from FreeWheel on Vimeo.

With support from its members, the FWC established its credibility as a thought leader on premium video by fostering an open industry dialogue on trends and issues affecting premium video publishers. Through earned and paid media opportunities, content generation and presence at key industry conferences, the FWC appeared in market as a unified voice that will continue to influence marketplace and advance the premium video economy.


Our momentum will continue through the remainder of the year. The FWC will have a presence at the ANA Masters of Marketing in October, where we will share and discuss FWC insights with today’s leading brand advertisers. The Ad Experience Committee will outline how often repetitive ads are occurring and provide a perspective on the key elements that go into a positive advertiser experience. The Unification Committee will define Unification through the premium video lens, and communicate the FWC’s position on the importance of unification and its value for the buy and sell side

As we begin planning for 2017 with an eye toward CES, NAB and the Upfronts,  the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video remains steadfast in its mission to serve as a powerful voice, advocating on behalf of premium video publishers and enabling marketers to unlock the true power of engaged audiences across all linear and digital opportunities.

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