Happy 10th Anniversary FreeWheel!
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Today is the 10th anniversary of FreeWheel. Back then, in the days before a new world of iPhones, iPads and binge-watching, we knew there was a huge opportunity to help viewers get to watch whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to.  And we knew that the only way that would work is if the TV companies made money.  Shortly thereafter, Diane signed on and we all shared a common dream of building a great company with amazing people that was fueled by a big vision.

The most common question that we get is whether ten years ago we thought this could all happen.  We knew the industry was ready for us.  We knew we could build and deliver the products.  We knew we could engage world-class media clients, who quickly turned into partners, peers and collaborators whose passion and enthusiasm matched our own. And the insights we’ve shared along the way have made our partnerships incredibly productive. But we didn’t know that we were capable of bringing together an extraordinary collection of talented, hard-working and #deeplycaring people around the world.  And not a day goes by that we are not humbled and grateful for it all.

On all aspects, we have achieved something beyond what we ever thought possible.  And a decade later we’re still looking forward to what’s next and how we can accomplish an even bigger vision on a bigger playing field.

Thank you for an amazing ten years, and cheers to the next 10!

Doug, Jon, Diane


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