Highlights from the Q4 Video Monetization Report: Streaming on All Screens
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This week FreeWheel’s Advisory Services team was proud to release the Q4 2015 VMR examining the usage and monetization of professional, rights-managed video content. Our dataset is unparalleled in the marketplace and is comprised of over 160 billion video views in 2015.

As the co-author of the VMR for the past four quarters, I have the privilege of being part of a publication that informs a diverse group of players in the premium video economy – from the Publishers that create and distribute content to the Partners that help them monetize it. The report serves as a barometer for FreeWheel clients, the largest media and entertainment companies in the world, by giving them the data that enables them to make strategic decisions about their businesses.



Here are the top six highlights we’d like to share from the report:

1. Continued, unquestioned, year-over-year growth of ad views and video views, at +30% and +32%, respectively. Once again the data is showing how the premium video economy continues to drive new scale across to an ever widening expanse of screens, content, and viewers.

2. There’s been a tipping point within the tipping point, as the majority of monetization now comes from outside desktop and laptop environments; 60% of ad views are now seen on handheld devices, OTT, and STB VOD.


3. Long-form on-demand and live streams were the fastest growing content dimensions in terms of ad views at 56% and 129% year-over-year, respectively.


4. Whereas Programmers see the majority of their monetization across long-form and live, at 74% of ad views, Digital Pure Plays are focused on short-form, at 81%.

8203-FW-Q42015-Chart035. MVPD apps continue to find their way to consumers, as monetization on the apps increased by 169% YOY.

8203-FW-Q42015-Chart116. Consumers’ comfort level with authentication continues to grow, with the data showing a 142% increase in authenticated ad view consumption year-over-year, as well as a dominant share of long-form and live ad views coming from behind the wall, at 65% of monetization.



Also in this report, we included our first infographic which highlights the trends that drove growth in 2015:

VMR Spotlight Analysis

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Download your full copy of the report today which includes expanded reporting and analysis.

It is always rewarding to hear back from our readers who ask for more detail or insight into a specific analysis, which in turn helps us expand the report in new and ever more actionable directions. Send us your feedback by connecting with our team today.

See you next quarter!



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