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  • Welcome to the FreeWheel Blog. Our presence at the center of the New TV Ecosystem provides us with a unique point of view on the many issues facing the industry. The purpose of the FreeWheel blog is to share our perspective on industry opportunities, news and stories, including a look behind the scenes at how we power the advertising businesses of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world, while enabling them to scale their business and maximize value from their content.

  • Cracking the Programmatic Conundrum

    Emmanuel Josserand
    By Emmanuel Josserand,
    Brand, Agency and Industry Relations

    This year is expected to be pivotal for programmatic TV, but before rushing headlong into the automation of the ecosystem, the industry must ensure it has a deeper understanding of the opportunities automation opens up.   Programmatic is often seen as a way to reach ‘lost’ TV audiences who are consuming premium video content via […]

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    Video content monetization: Entering a new era of business models

    By Thomas Bremond,
    General Manager, International,
    FreeWheel & Comcast Technology Solutions

    In recent years, many players in the industry have invested in developing and optimising their content platforms – mainly in OTT – and are now looking into their business models. How can combined advertising and subscription-based business models allow industry actors to sustain and create incremental value on premium video content and focus on ROI? […]

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    Progress vs. Perfection: Learnings From CES 2019

    By Mark McKee,
    SVP, Marketing

    Though I’ve attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas many times over the course of my career, this year felt different. My overwhelming takeaway from the event: in 2019 the focus has shifted from perfection to progress.   As a result, we’re going to see some tremendous strides this year in terms of innovation and progress toward smarter, more unified advertising solutions.

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    2019: A Pivotal Year for Premium Video

    By James Rothwell,
    VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

    Here at FreeWheel, we are in a privileged position to operate at the center of the industry, working with most publishers, agencies and advertisers to deliver video advertising within premium content at scale. 2018 was a year of progress towards a number of initiatives to drive the premium video ecosystem forward, with ongoing refinements against […]

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    The TV ecosystem is entering a new paradigm: The shift to addressable

    There are several strong themes around the new TV ecosystem, but the one that stands out is addressable TV.  While the power of TV to drive advertising impact is greater than ever, addressable brings the best of linear and digital television, such as audience targeting through the most impactful mass media, while offering a hybrid, […]

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    Premium Video: A Bundle of Growth

    This quarter the Video Monetization Report (VMR) is presented as a synopsis of the key trends that contributed to a strong third quarter for premium video as we moved from the summer into the fall viewing season. Accompanying this synopsis is a link to the full VMR quarterly data set, which has become the barometer for the industry. Moving forward we will bring you richer reports twice per year (in March and September), while continuing to provide data every quarter.

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    TV: The Missing Piece of the Attribution Puzzle

    By James Rothwell,
    VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

    Once confined to brand and awareness metrics, the world of TV attribution has evolved to measure responses and effectiveness in the same way digital media has for years. Critically, the concept of quantifying offline media’s contribution to a business outcome, no matter where the consumer is in their purchase journey, has realigned the industry’s approach […]

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    Three Ways Clients Benefit from the FreeWheel Academy

    By Vincent Nasso,
    Director, Knowledge Management & Training

    FreeWheel has created a powerful training program to help our clients understand how to become a FreeWheel technology expert. In addition to live sessions, we offer online training classes, focused on hands-on application experiences. Our training is based on our clients’ business needs from sales planning to finance. Here’s are three ways our clients benefit from the FreeWheel Academy.

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    DRIVE by FreeWheel Markets

    What Marketers Want, TV’s Now Got

    By Brian Wallach,
    SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel Media

    Recently, I attended two marketer-centric events which allowed me to speak directly with CMOs and other marketing executives across a wide range of industries.  Since FreeWheel is focused on helping marketers grow their businesses with premium video content, much of our discussions focused around TV and video advertising—what’s working, what’s not, and what marketers would like to see on the horizon. 

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    OTT Advertising: Superhero of the New TV Landscape

    By Mike Goodman,
    Sr. Director Demand Sales

    Today, I was privileged to address the audience at AdExchanger’s PROGRAMMATIC I/O conference in New York to talk about Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising.  This talk coincided with the launch of FreeWheel’s DRIVE – a suite of advanced advertising solutions designed to help marketers reach consumers across emerging forms of TV, including OTT, Set-top Box Video on Demand (STB VOD) and digital video, using advanced data and measurement capabilities.  

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