Post-Emmy Report: So Much Great Content + So Many Ways to Watch
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Terra Mrkulic
By Terra Mrkulic,
Social Media & Content Marketing Director

Did you catch the opening of the Emmy’s this year hosted by comedian Andy Samberg?

He starts off the big show with a skit that many of us can relate to: there’s an abundance of great premium content available to watch right now. The scene starts off at a dinner party where the discussion turns to the favorite shows the partygoers are watching, but poor Andy hasn’t seen any of them. They shame him for missing out on the great programs available to the point he locks himself away for a year in a “TV Viewing Bunker” to be able to watch every episode of all the great programs currently available.


With more amazing shows in my queue than I could ever hope to watch unless I quit my job and ignore the demands of daily life, I can understand the feeling.

We consumers are lucky—I no longer have to sit with my spouse watching episode after episode of car themed shows on the family TV when I can power up my tablet and watch my favorite programing right next to him on the living room couch.

Not only do we get to choose between a variety of great shows, we also get to choose between several great viewing options: Desktop/Laptop, OTTs, Mobile, Apps, VOD and of course the traditional television set— there’s so much great premium content available whenever and wherever we want it.

The More the Merrier

Where are people watching these great shows? You may be surprised that according to the Q2 2015 FreeWheel Video Monetization Report (VMR) nearly 40% of all video ad views came from outside desktop/laptop environments, with significant year over year (194%) growth in video ad views on OTT devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.


Q2 2015 also marked the first time that smartphones have surpassed the 20% share of total video ad views, which makes it the largest single growth quarter for mobile on which we have reported. Smartphones now account for greater than 1 in 5 video ad views, meaning and more consumers are watching their favorite premium content right in the palm of their hands, whenever and wherever they are.

The New Primetime is Anytime

In my house when I was growing up we’d eat dinner and then retire to the living room to watch our favorite primetime shows—I am sure many of you can relate to this familiar scenario. Today, not only is there a massive shift in how we watch content, but also when we watch content.


For the most part, consumption of premium video is relatively daypart agnostic, unlike linear television when there is a dramatic spike in ad views during the traditional primetime window. Consumers are now accessing content during the entire day on a variety of devices—perhaps on their mobile during the daily commute, on their desktop during the workday (don’t tell the boss!), and on tablet during the evening primetime when perhaps another family member has commandeered the family TV with car themed shows.

It’s an incredible time for premium content that shows no sign of decline. Massive shifts in consumer viewing habits, rapid changes in technology, and the importance of quality, premium content have created the new Premium Video Economy. Now, I wonder if I can find a contractor to build me that Viewing Bunker, there is a lot more I need to go catch up on.

Learn more about the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing premium digital video content in the Q2 2015 Video Monetization Report.


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