Premium Video Models, Programmatic Executions
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James Rothwell
By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

The term ‘programmatic’ is ubiquitous and yet challenged: it is poorly defined and open for interpretation, often creating additional friction rather than delivering on the promise of improved efficiency and performance.

This inconsistency has led to a misalignment of priorities that represents a challenge for premium video, where finite inventory and a need to manage the end user’s ad experience impacts the right approach to the three distinct elements of programmatic: data, automation, and the transaction model itself.

The innate quality and scarcity of premium video demand that there should be more care and consideration applied to determining alternate transaction models to complement direct sales. We need to be wary of any model that erodes value by decoupling context from audience, limiting safety, and risking the integrity of the user experience, as this will only negatively impact brand equity and ad effectiveness. Said another way, if executed incorrectly, buyers, sellers, and end users all lose.

When considering the use of data and automation in the world of premium video, we need to address higher-level strategic objectives, elevating the conversation to the ultimate goals of both buyer and seller, rather than leading with the transaction model of preference.

Simply put: Buyers and sellers of premium video should think beyond the term “programmatic” and instead develop ‘premium models’ that encapsulate programmatic executions.

In the latest FreeWheel Council for Premium Video’s position paper, Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Videowe explore the challenges of applying display-centric programmatic approaches to premium video and its unique characteristics. We also offer a collaborative path forward, pushing both sides of the negotiation table to ask the right questions to ensure alignment and progress.

There is no question that the use of data and automation has a bright future in the world of premium video. Finding that path as a collective industry is in everyone’s interest to drive optimal user experiences and business outcomes.

Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Video

To learn more,  download the FWC’s positon paper, Reconstructing Programmatic for Premium Video.


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