Premium Video Unified: The Currency Conundrum
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James Rothwell
By James Rothwell,
VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations

The unification (or convergence) of video is upon us but measurement remains the number one challenge for buyers to invest more in cross-platform executions. At the heart of that challenge are a constantly changing viewing landscape and the inherent differences between linear and digital television and all of its incarnations.

That is is one of the many key takeaways from interviews and surveys recently conducted with over 250 brand marketers, creative agencies, media agencies and premium publisher members of the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC).

Here’s a taste of what this research revealed:

Investment in the Upfronts and demo guarantees remain key components of the ad ecosystem.

Decision makers were planning to commit 45% of all cross-platform video budgets upfront (generally higher for TV companies), and almost 40% of respondents favor demo guarantees as their currency for cross-platform campaigns. Despite the ever-changing landscape, the Upfront remains an important structure within the broader video ecosystem.

Cross-Platform Video Budget Allocation


Alternative metrics are being leveraged, and audience targeting and ROI/attribution are on the rise.

Unsurprisingly, brand lift and sales lift are two of the most important measures for evaluating cross-platform campaigns today. Increased importance is being placed on audience targeting and with each campaign’s goals being different, advertisers want to leverage different metrics, whether as a currency or a KPI. 

The Most Valuable Metric for Cross-Platform Deals

Unification and measurement are exacerbated by a number of structural issues preventing more cross-video investment.

Respondents ranked the following as the top three (out of 10) obstacles:

  1. Tracking/Reporting Complexities
  2. Constantly Changing Media Landscapes
  3. No Single Cross-Screen Measurement Capabilities


– Learn how many measurement providers industry executives think we will end up within the next five years.

– Understand why industry stakeholders are choosing to increase or decrease demo guarantees as a currency and what impact that will have on the market.

– See where clear opportunity lies to achieve an ideal state of unified video


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