Takeaways from ExchangeWire’s ATS Paris
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Federico Benincasa
By Federico Benincasa,
Senior Vice President, Product Management - SSP,

Thanks a million to ExchangeWire for yet another exciting event: ATS Paris! This full-day event brings a full range of key players across the industry to discuss the challenges and future trends in the programmatic advertising and marketing technology industry. It’s always great to connect with the extended programmatic family. Here are my brief takeaways from this year’s edition.

My colleague Nicolas Mignot (far left) on stage with other industry experts discussing the rise of programmatic video

  • Transparency is (finally) the next frontier– and I could not agree more!
  • Direct programmatic buys are rising and are a simple and safe answer to brand safety issues.
  • The full stack is here. Boundaries between Ad servers and SSPs will blur and disappear this year.
  • “Header bidding” is really just a proxy for unified decisioning and potentially better managed on the server side. I’m so glad to hear this point articulated out loud by industry leaders. Really!
  • Advertisers are internalising programmatic knowledge. This had to happen given the complexity of accessing any type of global reporting.
  • Artificial Intelligence is showing up in the advertising ecosystem. Those are not the droids you are looking for 🙂
  • “Digital” data is making its great debut in TV upfront buying this year.
  • It’s not the year of the mobile but the year of screen unification—I’m feeling unified already.
  • We are all frenemies in this industry, who would have thought? But the good news is I still love hanging around with you guys.

A final thought

There were (very roughly) as many people in the room at ATS Paris as last year. With the explosive adoption of programmatic advertising in France in 2016, I was expecting the industry representation at such an event to expand at a similar pace– especially given the quality of the panels and the networking possibilities offered. So I would add to my above takeaways:

  • Programmatic industry has a hard time hiring new talent
  • Many new programmatic users are probably experiencing difficulties finding qualified expertise – It looks like we will keep on explaining how all this fun stuff works in 2017. Again 🙂

It was great to see you all and I look forward to connecting again next year!


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