FreeWheel Council for Premium Video

FreeWheel is committed to lead advocacy efforts to advance the premium video industry.

The FreeWheel Council (FWC) operates as an educational and organizing resource to assist marketers in reaching desired audiences in premium video environments, conducting research documenting the benefits of premium video, and championing the interests of member publishers and the market.

Founded in 2015, The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) is an advocacy group, comprised of 30 premium video providers, including programmers, operators, and digital pure-plays.

Following on the success of the FWC in North America, in 2017 FreeWheel launched a similar group of programmers and operators in Europe with the same mission: The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video, Europe (FWCE).


The FWC serves the collective interest of those in the premium video industry through leadership positions, research, and advocacy promoting the premium video economy.


  • Promoting greater adoption of premium video throughout the industry
  • Educating marketers on the advantages and value premium video offers
  • Conducting research and publishing positions documenting the strengths of premium video
  • Advocating for industry-wide recognition of the unique nature of premium video

Please contact us with any questions or interest.


Please contact us with any questions or interest.


A Buyer's Guide to the New Living Room

THE NEW LIVING ROOM IS A HYBRID ENVIRONMENT, HOME TO THE BEST OF LINEAR AND DIGITAL TELEVISION. While viewers are increasingly choosing to build their own schedules comprising a blend of live, on demand and DVR—they tend to gravitate towards the best (and usually largest) screen possible.

This guide is intended to help planners and buyers of media, across both linear and digital backgrounds, navigate the opportunities that the new living room creates for marketers, and provide tactics for overcoming some of the perceived barriers to investment.

Download The Report

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