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FreeWheel’s unique position at the center of the New TV Ecosystem gives us unprecedented access to the largest data set available on monetization and consumption of premium video content.

The FreeWheel Video Monetization Report is released quarterly and highlights the changing dynamics of how enterprise-class content owners and distributors are monetizing premium digital video content.

The dataset used for this report is one of the largest available on the usage and monetization of professional, rights-managed video content, and is comprised of over 200 billion video starts in 2016 and 59 billion video views for Q1 2017.

FreeWheel’s Advisory Services team helps businesses navigate complexity and adapt to change in the rapidly evolving premium video industry.  We partner with many of the industry’s leading publishers to uncover opportunities for growth, execute new strategies, and evolve their organizations through actionable consulting engagements, proprietary research, and business intelligence.  Our proprietary data set gathered from census-level ad monetization and viewership across all digital devices informs our industry-leading quarterly Video Monetization Report and semi-annual Signature Insights studies.

FreeWheel Video Monetization Report

Q1 2017: The Unifying TV Landscape

FreeWheel’s position at the center of the premium video economy gives unique insight into the themes that are top of mind for the ecosystem’s players. The VMR: Q1 2017 provides the most definitive data available on the unifying TV landscape, including a section dedicated to European insights.

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