Press Coverage of the FreeWheel Video Monetization Report: Q4 2016
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On March 21, 2017, FreeWheel launched the Video Monetization Report: Q4 2016. Here is a recap of the press coverage surrounding the report.

FreeWheel Report: Digital Video Consumption Rises
Live Viewing Up, Driven by Big Events Being Streamed
Broadcasting & Cable, by Jon Lafayette

On demand viewing of video continues to increase, as do the number of on demand ad views, according to the latest report from FreeWheel. FreeWheel’s Fourth-Quarter Video Monetization report said that content views grew 20% in the quarter and ad views were up 17%. Video views were up 26% in all of 2016 versus 2015. Ad views were up 24% for the full year. “2016 signaled great things for the future of premium video. The importance of video as a compelling tool to engage audiences was highlighted as companies across the media ecosystem made it a top priority,” the report said. Read the full article. 

FreeWheel: Live Viewing Surged 36% in 2016 on Sports and Politics
VideoNuze, by Will Richmond

FreeWheel has released its 2016 year-end Video Monetization Report,  revealing, among things, that ad views in live streams grew 36% in 2016, powered by marquee sports events and the U.S. presidential election that were streamed to connected devices. FreeWheel cited the Summer Olympics, Super Bowl 50, Game 7 of the World Series, and the first presidential debate in particular as major contributors. Read the full article.

Ad Views Increasing; Marketers Not Confident They’ve Sussed Mobile
ExchangeWire, by Hugh Williams

Total video content views rose by 26% from the previous year, finds FreeWheel’s ‘Video Monetization Report’. Ad views are up by 24%, making 2016 the sixth consecutive year of growth. Read the full article. 

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European Coverage

2016 a ‘pivotal’ year for premium video consumption
After a period of growth for online, video consumption has shifted away from the computer screen and back to the TV set
Rapid TV News, by Joseph O’Halloran

 In the premium video ad management company’s latest Video Monetisation Report, FreeWheel found that at the end of Q4 2016, total video content views rose by 26% from the same period in the previous year, with ad views up by 24%, making 2016 the sixth consecutive year of growth. Moreover, thanks to the growth of over-the-top (OTT) and set-top-box-based video-on-demand (VOD) services, video consumption has shifted away from the computer screen and back to the TV set. Read the full article.

Online video ad views up 24% in 2016
FreeWheel, the premium video ad management company, has published its latest Video Monetisation Report, revealing that 2016 was a pivotal year for premium video consumption.
Advanced Television

Total video content views rose by 26 per cent from the previous year, with ad views up by 24 per cent, making 2016 the sixth consecutive year of growth. Huge global events such as the Rio 2016 Olympics and the US elections boosted viewership, and were also linked to a general growth of popularity in live online video content, although this was not replicated in Europe – where the format only accounted for 3 per cent of views. Read the full article.

L’écran de TV progresse dans la consommation publicitaire de la vidéo en ligne d’après FreeWheel
En 2016, les contenus vidéo vus ont progressé de +26% (vs 2015)
Offre Media, by Anne-Sophie Lizzani

La part de l’écran de TV a quadruplé aux Etats-Unis dans la visibilité de la publicité vidéo : elle est passée de 9% au Q4 2014 à 41% au Q4 2016 grâce à l’OTT et au streaming. Pendant le même temps, le laptop était divisé par 2. Les grands événements sportifs et politiques américains du 4ème trimestre ont entraîné une augmentation de +36% de la consommation de vidéo live sur l’année 2016 vs 2015. Read the full article.

24 Prozent mehr Video Ads Views in 2016
Die Comcast-Tochter Freewheel hat in seinem aktuellen Video Monetization Report das vierte Quartal sowie Erkenntnisse aus ganz 2016 aus dem Bereich Video Advertising zusammengefasst

Während in Amerika, wahrscheinlich auch auf Grund der US-Wahl im November 2016, im vierten Quartal über die Hälfte aller Werbeanzeigen in Kurz- und Live- Formaten ausgespielt wurden, platzierte man in Europa über 87% aller Werbeanzeigen in Lang-Formaten aus, die länger als 20 Minuten dauern. Live-Formate spielten in Europa mit einem Anteil von drei Prozent dagegen fast gar keine Rolle. Die Monetarisierung von Formaten mit 5 bis 20 Minuten Länge war mit vier Prozent (U.S.) und drei Prozent (Europa) in beiden Märkten verschwindend gering. Read the full article.

Adblocker, Methbot und Fake News überschatten Video-Boom
W&V, von Petra Schwegler

Bewegtbild liegt weiter im Trend. Die Wachstumsraten bei Video-Views sind enorm – und Ad-Views nehmen im großen Stil zu. Soweit die Kernaussagen zu den Entwicklungen des Vorjahres im Bewegtbild-Markt, die der aktualisierte “Freewheel Video Monetization Report” trifft. Read the full article.