Press Coverage of The Power of OTT: Audiences & Engagement
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On August 1, 2017, FreeWheel launched a new track of transformational research – FreeWheel Signature Insights. Here’s a recap of the press coverage surrounding The Power of OTT: Audiences & Engagement

Streaming TV Viewers Complete 98% of All Video Ads, According to New Study
Adweek, Sami Main

The OTT television landscape is now a full-blown dominant force in the video viewing environment according to a new report from FreeWheel, part of Comcast’s advertising solutions teams. The OTT viewer is young and affluent: according to FreeWheel’s findings, the median OTT viewer is 23 years younger than linear TV viewers, and OTT streaming households tend to make $10,000 more per year than traditional TV households. Read the full article.

OTT Devices Hold Clear Advertising Advantage: Study
Multichannel News, Jeff Baumgartner

Viewers that use OTT devices are among the most highly engaged, and complete 98% of all video ads, while over one-third of them spend an hour or more per network when they stream in, FreeWheel found in a new study: The Power of OTT. Read the full article. 

FreeWheel Report Calls OTT Better Form of TV Advertising
Broadcasting & Cable, by Jon Lafayette

Moving to increasingly digital delivery systems could be good for television advertising, according to a new report on over-the-top viewing. Ad-tech company FreeWheel, owned by Comcast, finds that people who watch TV on over-the-top platforms are engaged with the programming and with the advertising that runs there. Rather than zipping and zapping, OTT viewers complete 98% of the video ads they’re served. Read the full article. 

FreeWheel: OTT Devices Are Ascendant, But Challenges Remain
VideoNuze, Will Richmond

FreeWheel has released a new report titled “The Power of OTT: Audiences and Engagement,” which highlights data on OTT devices’ (which I’ve typically called connected TVs) soaring popularity, but also acknowledges ongoing challenges. The report is part of new semi-annual research series from FreeWheel called Signature Insights, which incorporates research from its own Video Monetization Report (VMR), as well as 3rd party sources such as Nielsen, eMarketer, Hulu and Millward Brown. Read the full article.  

OTT Metrics, Viewability And Fraud Pose Ongoing Concerns
MediaPost, Wayne Friedman

In a recent study, Comcast’s FreeWheel, the digital/streaming video ad business for TV networks, notes that one of the major obstacles is that neither Nielsen or comScore measure all OTT platforms — giving adequate scale to marketers. Read the full article. 

European Coverage

OTT devices surpass desktop for the top digital ad platform in Q1 2017
Rapid TV News, Michelle Clancy

Over-the-top (OTT) devices surpassed desktop as the leading digital platform for premium video ad views during the first quarter of 2017 in the US, according to online ad technology firm FreeWheel. “What was once an emerging technology is now a dominant destination for premium video viewing, transforming the way content is distributed and monetized,” the company said. Read the full article.