Pubblicità Italia: FreeWheel (Comcast) continua il suo sviluppo in Italia
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July 5, 2018, Pubblicità Italia
Claudia Cassino

What key benefits do FreeWheel bring to the Italian market?
Our mission is simple: providing our customers with a platform that combines the best in class ad serving solution with advanced programmatic monetization capabilities. But our offer is not limited to technology. Working with the main worldwide TV players we have developed a deep knowledge of their needs as well as the needs of their buyers. We have leveraged this knowledge to  create our advisory and demand services. In short Freewheel stands as a complete ad tech digital partner to meet all the needs of those who made the video their core business

In terms of expansion in the Italian market, what are the quantitative and qualitative goals that FreeWheel wish to achieve?
In Freewheel quality and quantity come together, our goal is to empower all segments of the  new TV ecosystem in order to build the largest pool of premium inventory for brands and agencies. In our market the word premium is definitely overused but we are all able to recognize what is really premium in the digital video world: combining quality content with user engagement. This is the broadcasters’ model and this model which which is changing the video ecosystem is also adopting by digital operators. We want them to build a premium marketplace that combines quality with the scale that big buyers are looking for.

FreeWheel recently entered into a partnership with Viacom. Will this agreement impact their business in Italy and, if so, how?
Freewheel operates in an industry that is, by definition, global: the digital industry. A partnership that is focused on the US market, such as Viacom, may represent an opportunity to develop other local partnerships. Today, for example, we work with Viacom in France. But we don’t work just with them. In Europe we work with many of the broadcasters that are part of EBX, the alliance of the leading European broadcasters.

Both in Italy and on a global scale, investors are concerned about brand safety. How can FreeWheel guarantee that brands are represented in appropriate contexts that are in-line with their ethos?
Brand safety for Freewheel is a prerequisite: there is no quality if there is no brand safety and there is no brand safety if there is no quality. That’s why we work to create a premium ecosystem where there is only room for operators putting on top of their priorities the user’s experience as the brands they are working with and want to interact with the final user. It can be represented by the tools we’re using today to qualify the inventory we offer to our buyers. For example, when we talk about fraud, we can state that our standards are much stricter than those foreseen by the IAB because we can not disappoint the expectations of those who believe in the value of premium.

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