Experience the future of TV advertising now

FreeWheel is the platform of choice for nearly the entire premium content industry. Why? Because it's the only advertising platform purpose-built for TV with the power to optimize the value of your inventory across all sales channels, screens, formats, data sets and transaction types. Now you can easily manage your premium content and inventory no matter where it appears – with the complete control you need.

More Management and Control of Your Deals

  • Manage upfront and scatter deals in a single platform
  • Improve workflow
  • Get better control over proposals and approvals

Increased Inventory Yield

  • Improve forecasting and pricing strategies
  • Gain real-time insight into inventory capacity
  • Optimize pricing on the fly to maximize yield
  • Apply multi-factor analysis and A/B testing scenarios to guide pricing decisions

Dynamic, intelligent ad serving

  • Built for broadcast grade inventory
  • Impression by impression decisioning across all screens and environments
  • Package inventory to maximize revenue and meet business terms

Complete endpoint unification

  • Full control over ad delivery across IP, mobile and STB VOD
  • Full suite of client-side and server-side ad insertion solutions
  • Robust tools to encode, manage and host creative assets

Easier, seamless revenue management

  • Integrated invoicing, payment and financial reporting tools in a single platform
  • Manage payables across complex partner networks
  • Seamless connection to any existing ERP or accounts payable system

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