fast-tracks Programmatic TV adoption through game-changing programmatic guaranteed feature
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May 25, 2016

Major European broadcasters, such as France Télévisions, M6, Next Régie (BFM TV, BFM Business, RMC Découverte, Eurosport) and, are the first to successfully deploy the new programmatic guaranteed feature across their private exchanges powered by This industry-first feature enables broadcasters to offer premium reserved video inventory to buyers, through open RTB pipes.

“Agencies and advertisers need transparency on the TV inventory they buy for their programmatic campaigns. With’s new programmatic guaranteed feature, we can offer them brand safety at scale on a guaranteed basis,” said Patrick Hurel, Head of Digital at Next Régie. “The efficiency gained in securing direct guaranteed deals programmatically is invaluable to us. Through this programmatic guaranteed feature, enables us to truly unify the selling of TV and online video advertising.”

“Guaranteed deals are usually included into annual agreements established between us and our clients. Through this new programmatic guaranteed feature, enables us to upgrade programmatically our guaranteed deals while taking into account our current commercial processes,” stated Christoph Henning, Head of video Advertising at SPIEGEL QC. “It is a win-win situation, we take back the control over our premium video inventory, and buyers experience guaranteed delivery.”

“This exciting new feature takes programmatic guaranteed to the next level by removing the hassle of using tag-based solutions and adding an additional layer in yield management strategies,” commented Hervé Brunet, CEO & Co-founder at “Ultimately, this will fuel incremental revenue for all our clients globally and will definitely help them complete their programmatic TV revolution – especially broadcasters, accustomed to transact up to several months in advance through the traditional TV upfront gatherings.” reconciles the impression-based digital video environment with the TV-like world, within the context of an audience prone to watch content on multiple screens, anytime, anywhere. This breakthrough programmatic guaranteed feature will clearly benefit both sellers and buyers, truly automating guaranteed deals.

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