The Drum: Why event TV is still a ratings winner
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Why event TV is still a ratings winner
July 13, 2018, The Drum 

“With the 2018 World Cup final in sight, and the wait almost over to see who will lift the iconic Jules Rimet trophy, everyone is vying for the best seat in the house – the one right in front of the TV screen.

There are those who believe TV’s role in major live events is declining, and that engagement with this year’s World Cup has been about media snacking – watching goal replays on YouTube via smartphones or viewing video clips of players in their hotel rooms posted on social media. But these cynics fail to comprehend the central role television still plays in terms of viewer engagement.

Pivotal moments – sporting or otherwise – unite viewers around the world in front of their TV screens. For instance the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attracted up to 13 million viewers in the UK, with the worldwide audience thought to be in the hundreds of millions, while 186 million tuned in for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.”

Discover the main reasons explaining why traditional TV still rules major live events: